How to stay off social media?


Social media are interactive platforms that make it easier to create and share content through online communities and networks, including information, interests, ideas, and other forms of expression. Social media has been proven to have harmful outcomes for users. Cyber harassment, fraud, addiction, hacking, scams, and abuse have been reported on a number of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. These incidents have left users feeling anxious, depressed, scared, and even suicidal. Addiction to social media has a negative effect on our daily lives. To maintain a balance with our daily lives, we must periodically stay off social media. But if you are a businessman and want to grow in social media, you can take the help of SubscriberZ

Here in this article, we will focus on how to stay off social media. 

Negative effects of social media

While social media has many benefits, there is also another side to the story that requires understanding, which is one of the crucial things to keep in mind. Social media is frequently described as having two sharp edges. Social media’s influence is frequently subtle but grows stronger with time.

The following are some of the most harmful drawbacks of social media:

Concerns about privacy

Among the drawbacks of frequent social media, users are tweeting incorrect information, exposing too much of their daily life to a huge audience, or accidentally sharing their online location.


One of the worst consequences of frequent social media use is cyberbullying, which is at the top of the list of drawbacks related to the same.

Negative reviews of some brands

Social media is frequently used by people to share things they enjoy. But they also utilize it for bad encounters. As a result, social media gives customers the opportunity to spread their bad experiences with brands they do business with.

Lack of emotional connection

Socio-emotional interactions are now severely hampered by social media. Because it is challenging to discern another person’s interest or emotion in a conversation on social media, the conversational quality can frequently be unpleasant.

Decrease in quick-witted skills

Conversations you have with your loved ones in real-time, face-to-face, have been negatively impacted by social media. Quick-wittedness is the capacity to think quickly and act in appreciably less time.

Spreading of fake news

Fake news travels quickly on social media, which is another consequence. 


Hacking is also one of the most serious consequences of social media that many people experience, along with cyberbullying.


And last, addiction is one of the drawbacks of social media that is felt the most frequently.

How to stay off social media?

If you believe that social media has become an addiction, you’re not alone. According to experts, likes and comments on social media produce the same dopamine surges as cigarettes or other addictive substances. If you want to stop using social media but are unsure how, take these steps:

  • Set Time Limits – There are specific apps that assist with screen time management, and you can utilize built-in screen time and app limits to set reminders for when to log off.
  • Turn Off Notifications – Push alerts that keep reminding us to check our feeds are one of the main reasons it’s so difficult to avoid using social media.
  • Put Your Apps in Folders – Put your social media icons in a folder so you can use your phone without being constantly reminded that you haven’t seen your feed in a while, as opposed to having them on your home screen where they may urge you to open them.
  • Temporarily Uninstall Social Media Apps – See if you can gradually extend the time you go without using your social media apps by deleting them for 12 hours at a time.
  • Check-In With Family – Ask your family and close friends how they have been impacted by your social media addiction. Make use of that as inspiration to alter your behavior.


Excessive use of social media and the internet has a negative impact on people’s life. Additionally, the usage of social media has had a significant impact on people’s physical and mental health, as well as their families, relationships, and addiction problems. The use of social media and the internet excessively generally has a negative impact on a lot of people.

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